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Need Help From My Fitness Blogging Buddies!

17 Feb
Lose weight now

Image by alancleaver_2000 via Flickr

Ok, this post is mostly for my fitness blogger buddies, but if anyone has any healthy suggestions, I am open. I am getting frustrated. I have only lost 8 ponds in almost 8 weeks. I know that in theory, 1 or 2 pounds a week is healthy, but I would like to go for at least 10 lbs a month. I am looking for something to kick-start my metabolism or this whole weight loss deal.

I am lifting weights along with my cardio, so I know I am gaining muscle, but if I could get a few good weeks of some decent pound loss, I would be happy. I mean for crying out loud, I am 364 lbs, I should be shedding the pounds with the way I am working out and eating. I am sticking to my 1700 calorie/day diet and working out 5-6 days a week (30-40 minutes of cardio 6 days and 35-45 minutes of weights 5 days).

I DO NOT want to do the whole pregnancy hormone fad as that is exactly what it sounds like is a fad. Plus, there really can’t be anything healthy about giving yourself a particular hormone and only taking in 500 calories a day. I couldn’t work out, so I would lose muscle mass just doing that, and I worked too hard the last 8 weeks to build the muscle I have to ruin by something ridiculous like that. I am not crazy about the idea of some kind of gluten free, sugar-free whatever diet where I have to spend a bunch of money on “special” foods. I know I am being pretty particular for someone who is begging for help, but I have to set limits to a point.