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Cardio Boredom

14 Feb

Does anyone else get terribly bored when they are doing their cardio? Right now I am doing treadmill, bike and the occasional rowing machine, and I get incredibly bored! I don’t feel ready to join any classes at this point, especially if I feel like I am going to lose it after only 15 minutes of what I am doing now! I am trying to work my way to an hour of cardio a day, but I am having the hardest time getting there.

I have tried switching it up and doing 15 minutes on one, 10 minutes on another, 20 more minutes elsewhere, but I just can’t do it. We have a Cardio Cinema at my gym and they show a different movie everyday, but even that doesn’t keep it because all I can do is think “I could enjoy this movie a whole lot more if I didn’t have to keep walking!” or “this movie is so bad, why did I come down here?” I do tend to do better upstairs watching the news as I am walking, but again, I get bored and don’t get much longer than 30 minutes and I am thinking “am I done yet?”

I need some help! Anyone have any thoughts or advice? please post them here.