How It’s Going So Far…

7 Jan

Ok, it has been 1 week since I started going to the gym and a little over a week since I started my “life-style” change. I don’t have a new weight or pounds/inches lost, Cathy and I are waiting till her and my uncle get back from Hawaii next week to do my 2nd weight in.

I will say though, I have been kind of working my bum off though. I have gone to the gym on a regular basis, Friday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, today, and I am going back tomorrow. Saturdays are nice though because I can just spend the hour on the treadmill or switch it up and use the bike for a little while of it. The muscle tone will be a nice change though and I am feeling it. My legs have almost a slight constant soreness to them just for the fact that they are not used to even the time I spend doing cardio. I had a pretty sedentary life style before now and am feeling so much better physically, even after only a week.

I am also thrilled to know that there are some people out there who, even after only a week, are feeling inspired by me and that in itself is some motivation to keep going. As much help as I like getting, I also really get a kick out of being able to help others as I know that weight can be a huge struggle for so many people.

Right now though, I am looking to put some new music on my mp3 player to listen to while I am working out, but I don’t think I want your typical “Let’s get Physical” type music. I want something with a faster pace that can keep me moving, but not irritate me. Any suggestions?


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