3 Jan

I got weighed in on Friday and the good news is I didn’t weigh as much as I thought. The bad news is I still weigh 372! But that will soon change my friends. I have been to the gym 3 times since Friday (with 1 bed ridden day because I am so dumb I didnt drink enough water and was nasty sick!) and been keeping to my 1700 calorie a day “lifestyle change”. I do feel 110% better from yesterday and Saturday night, but got a ways to go.

I will admit though, one of my fears of potentially losing a large amount of weight at a fast pace, I will end up with a bunch of gross droopy skin! I could probably handle a lot of different effects of my weight loss like smaller boobs (I say smaller because they aren’t that big to begin with), genetic kankles (possible discovery) or even keeping my pear shaped figure. But I know I would not be able to take it if I ended up having some nasty extra skin that I can’t get rid of because I thought it would be okay to get this big and have all this extra stretched out skin. GROSS!


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