Is It Spring Yet??!!

30 Dec

I know that It isn’t even January yet, but I am finding it hard to be motivated to do anything like working out let along get out of bed before 9. I could use some real motivation to get me started. I am sure that once I get started and get into a work out routine, I shouldn’t have such a hard time getting motivated, but with the cold, rain, snow and dreary, I am having a hard time. What do you guys do when you know you need to get out and move and get a work out, but you just done feel like it?


2 Responses to “Is It Spring Yet??!!”

  1. Shauna December 31, 2010 at 10:01 pm #

    All i can say is you rock!! This is just so awesome that you have such a great attitude to lose weight and become healthy!! I started working out the day after Thanksgiving and I have started eating better and actually i havent had any pop since Thanksgiving!! It for sure is easy to at times to want to just give up…but you have just made me so much more motivated to keep on doing what i am doing!! It makes me feel like im not alone!! WE Can do this!!!

    • Sarah January 3, 2011 at 9:02 am #

      Thanks Shauna! I know that it is hard to give up pop too! But the thing I keep reminding myself is that it is all empty calories w/ no nutritional value (and I am NOT wasting what few calories I do get on it) and that even with diet pop, Cathy, my trainer, tells me that with the aspertame in it, that it will actually make me hungrier. I don’t need that either!

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